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Trial Period

Each child enters Child Shuttle on a two-week basis, during which either party may cancel with a twenty-four-hour notice. Any fees paid are non-refundable.

Registration Fee

There is an annual, non-refundable registration fee of fifty dollars ($50.00) per child. Full registration fee is due and payable upon entry. Cost of Photo I.D. is included in the registration fee.

Weekly Fees

Fees will be paid weekly by Friday for the next week. There is a four-day minimum per week unless special arrangements are made in advance, (may be paid in advance up to one month). Additional days other then pre-arranged times, may be arranged on a space available bases. Arrangements for additional hours must be a minimum of ($25.00) per direction plus mileage. Fees for the first two weeks are due upon signing Child Shuttle Contract. Checks are accepted, however, a fee of twenty dollars ($20.00) will be charged for checks returned for insufficient funds. After the second occurrence all payments will be paid in cash/money order.

Vacations and Holidays

Child Shuttle will be closed all major holidays, unless special arrangements have been made ahead of time. Anyone taking a vacation during the contracted time must pay a ten-dollar ($10.00) fee per week to hold his/her spot open.

Guidelines for Releasing Children

Driver will release a child only:
To a pre authorized person such as a parent or legal guardian when a visual check is required. At a pre-determined school or other location as designated and released by the parent.

Absence Policy

All absences will be counted as paid days unless notified by 4 PM the previous day this also includes all school holidays.

The California Highway Patrol is a strong supporter and advocate of Child Shuttle California Highway Patrol carefully examines all potential drivers, investigates all previous records, (driving and criminal) and inspects vehicles thoroughly before licenses are granted. Additionally, CHP Officials bring to us family referrals needing “Child Shuttle” services. Already California Highway Patrol Personnel have seen the “safety net” provided for children needing Pre-School, Kindergarten, Daycare and other direct services requiring assistance with their transportation needs.

A newly, developed project for Orange County, this unique transportation system serves “at-risk” populations through providing “safe” care than that which standardized bus transport can offer. Each child is safely buckled in while riding “Child Shuttle” and child safety seats are provided for infants and toddlers. Since 2002 modes of expansive transportation systems (including present day and older
models of school bus vehicles) are required to be equipped and installed with safely belts. To date, 20 vehicles have been purchased to build “Child Shuttle” a company that one dedicated family set out passionately to pursue. Bill Brown, his wife, and their three sons have worked diligently to develop a qualified operation of transporting homeless and at-risk children safely while restoring a sense of dignity even into the smallest of these youngsters. No more than two “special needs” children
are transported at a time (i.e., children requiring wheelchairs or other special services requiring extra care and time, etc.) The consistency of “regular” drivers provides stability and contingency for children on a daily basis. The result is a conductive environment is provided daily for children while
en route to and from their designated destination. Hired drivers take a special invested and direct interest in the children, among them being two sons of the Brown Family. While Bill’s wife continues to operate a licensed in-home Daycare Center, his three sons and daughter are steady drivers for “Child Shuttle.”-Lisa Escobar
Fullerton Interfaith Emerg. Service